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You are told by us about Etymology of Abdominal Visceral Terms

You are told by us about Etymology of Abdominal Visceral Terms

With specific because of Jack Lyons, MD

Parenchyma – A direct Greek borrowing signifying “that that will be poured in” from an old and erroneous belief that the solid organs of this stomach got this way because of the bloodstream being poured into them after which congealing here.

Pelvis –Nice easy etymology: Pelvis is simply the Latin term for the basin or bucket, each of that the anatomic pelvis resembles – somewhat.

Acetabulum – This small term is borrowed straight through the Latin where it offers this is of a small vinegar glass. The acet- component seems within our term acetic acid, the crucial ingredient of vinegar. –ulum is, as always, a diminutive.

Perineum –The Greek term perinaion described the area we currently know as perineum but beyond that the etymology of this term just isn’t clear.

Gemellus Gemellus, – as with the true names associated with muscle tissue flanking the obturator internus tendon, is really a diminutive regarding the Latin word geminus meaning a twin. Many people nowadays realize that the zodiac indication Gemini could be the plural of this word that is same. Less well known is the fact that our expression “By Jiminy” is just a perseverance of a oath “By Gemini”.

Pudendum – The pudendum is a term meaning the human external genitalia, especially associated with the feminine. It comes down from the Latin verb pudere, to be ashamed. The pudendum is the fact that part which dictates that are modesty be covered. You will find the stem additionally inside our term impudent. The meaning that is obsolete without modesty. It is used more in the sense of cocky and lacking in concern for others today.

Vulva – Vulva could be the word that is latin a wrapper.