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Criminal background checks: What Job Seekers and Employees Should Be Aware

Criminal background checks: What Job Seekers and Employees Should Be Aware

Some employers look into the back ground before making a decision whether or not to employ you, or before making a decision whether it is possible to keep your work. You have legal rights when they do. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces a federal legislation that regulates back ground reports for work, additionally the Equal Employment chance Commission (EEOC) enforces federal rules against work discrimination. This book describes these laws and regulations, and exactly how to make contact with the FTC and EEOC if you were to think a company has broken what the law states. There is other guidelines in your area or state, so it is an idea that is good talk to a person who understands the rules of the area.

Questions Regarding Your Back Ground

An manager might ask you to answer for many types of history information, specially throughout the hiring procedure. For instance, some companies may inquire about your work history, your training, your record that is criminal financial history, your medical background, or your usage of online social networking.

Unless the boss is requesting medical or genetic information, it isn’t unlawful to inquire about you questions regarding your history, or even demand a check that is background. (companies are not permitted to require medical information you a job, and they aren’t permitted to ask for the hereditary information – including family members health background – except in not a lot of circumstances. Until they feature)

But, whenever a manager asks regarding your back ground, it should treat you exactly like other people, aside from your competition, nationwide beginning, color, sex, religion, impairment, hereditary information (including household medical background), or older age (40 or older).